Born To Travel is taking flight

After three years at this site I have filled my Media Gallery and am now migrating to –

If you are a new reader I hope you have enjoyed reading about our travels as Karen and I have trained, bussed and walked around Japan most recently and Nepal, India, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Fiji, Borneo and even the odd post from Australia in the past. If you have been following my ramblings from here at markallison55 – Born To Travel thanks for joining Karen and I as we have travelled around. I have enjoyed reading your comments and you know I appreciate even the quick clicking on the Like button to let me know you have found something in a post that informs or interests you. Look forward to hearing from you at my new site and I look forward to reading about your traveling adventures for we are all ‘born to travel’.

Cheers, Mark

April 2020 – But wait there’s more!

Note: I am now separating posts about our overseas trips from our travels in Australia. Look forward to hearing from you at my new sites – and https;//




13 thoughts on “Born To Travel is taking flight”

    1. Hi Lyn, thanks for making contact. Have enjoyed looking at your posts about Japan, one of our favourite countries. Our son, Jay, works and lives there.
      I have two newer travel blogs. and
      I am way behind on posting anything on the first one due to caring for my elderly parents currently but the second one I am gradually catching up on posting about our caravanning trip around WA last year.
      Happy traveling.
      Cheers, Mark

      1. Thanks Mark. I would love to live in Japan. A country with great old fashioned standards and respect is very special now days. I hope to return one day. Send me your link for your new blog. Lyn

    1. Hi, we hope to travel somewhere here in Australia with our caravan this year but suspect until we have a vaccination we won’t be going anywhere overseas. We were in hard lockdown from July to November last year here in Melbourne so know what you are going through to see the virus off. BTW where do you live when not travelling? Cheers, Mark

  1. Hi Mark and Karen, just having a look at your blog and it looks like our type of blog. We will take a look and follow your new blogs. We also retired, (December 2019) with the one aim of following our dreams and travel the world but Covid forced us to escape Vietnam just a few weeks into our first trip. We managed a couple of European trips between lockdowns last year but we are eagerly waiting for the world to open up again. We will be interested in your past travel stories and await your future travel experiences too

    1. Hi Phil and Michaela, thanks for visiting my blog space. Like you we enjoy travelling and documenting our travels for family, friends and fellow travellers like yourselves. Having your trip to Vietnam cut short due to COVID has a familiar ring to it for us too. We had started a trip to Taiwan (fantastic scenery) and Japan (where our youngest son lives) when we had to scramble to make it onto a flight back to Australia last March. This year we have managed a couple of trips in our state, Victoria, in our caravan and hope to go north to Queensland during winter. Had planned that last year until lockdown. As for travelling overseas we will need a vaccination first and then our government will have to permit us to fly out. So in the meantime it’s a matter of reminiscing. Safe travels when you can. Cheers, Mark and Karen

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