After another traditional Japanese breakfast we packed and checked out, leaving our cases to collect after we had the chance to view the Nachi-no-Otaki waterfall, Japan’s tallest, at closer range than yesterday. We walked downhill and reached the tori gate nestled between two rows of tall trees.


We made our way up the stone stairs and quickly came to the main viewing point. The water was tumbling down. We noticed with interest how it bounced off the rocky surface about half way down making lots of mini falls.


Before departing I asked Colin to take a shot of Karen and I together.


We noted there was still quite a bit of time until our bus to Katsuura so we decided to go up the stairs to the Nachisan shrine complex and look where we could have our Pilgrim passport stamped. As it was all upstairs that had the legs going and the lungs pumping! Anyway, when we reached the shrine area we had a good look around for the little house that we had become used to finding the stamper in but to no avail.


So I asked one of the young guys on the amulet stall. With a smile he pointed to a nearby table. There it was in a very open position if only you knew where to look. (On the right side of this photo) So we very happily stamped our Pilgrim passports and made our way back down the steps to collect our cases and wait for the bus to Katsuura.



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