Nachisan to Osaka

Our bus arrived at 9:45. We were soon on our way winding down the mountain and through some small towns. When we reached Katsuura station we purchased our tickets for the train. The first ticket would take us to Tenoji and the second to Osaka Central station. We guessed Tenoji must be a suburb of Osaka as the journey was shown as only being about fifteen minutes and this later proved correct. Even though it was busy we managed to seat ourselves near Colin who was going to the Kansai airport for his flight that night. The first part of the trip he would be with us. Once the train started moving we were happy to be travelling near the coast and had views to the sea. However that quickly ended when we began going through a series of tunnels in the hills. After a while we again did see the ocean and it reminded of us of some of the scenery along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road.


As we approached Koza we crossed a river.


After stopping at Koza we were on our way again. The next station would be Kushimoto the announcement over the speaker system informed us in not only Japanese but also English. Here are a couple of photos of the views from our window.



After stopping at Kushimoto we continued towards Susami. Here is a photo of the coast there. Pardon the powerlines.


From there we travelled towards Shirahama past fields and villages with the mountains in the background. All very scenic.


One thing that did become evident was the land usage. Every plain or hillside was used for growing something, whether it was rice or fruit trees.


When we reached Wakayama we said our farewells to Colin as he left to make a connection to Kansai airport on a different train.

About an hour later we made our train swap at Tenoji onto a very crowded train bound for the centre of Osaka. On arriving we went to the JR information booth where a very helpful young girl gave us a map of the subway system and directions of how to make our way to Ebisucho where we had booked an apartment for three nights. As we left they bowed. Respectful but cute. Two crowded trains later we came to Ebisucho but our exit didn’t have an escalator or elevator so up three flights of stairs we carried our cases. Even though we travel reasonably lightly the cases seemed anything but light. Our host had given very good directions with photos so it was easy to find. Once we had the key we went up in the lift two floors to our home for the next three nights, a very compact apartment but with everything we needed. After settling in we did a quick walk around our area (which was nicknamed Den Den Town). We purchased a few things at a couple of the convenience stores for breakfast the next morning before deciding to eat locally at Sukiya, a fast food curry restaurant. Once back at our apartment we were very pleased to fall asleep on a real mattress (not a thin futon) for the first time in over a week!


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