Mt Martha to Mornington cliff-top walk

Taking the cliff-top path from Mount Martha to Mornington is a good walk anytime of the year but in winter you don’t risk sunburn. Parking a car at Fisherman’s Beach in Mornington and then another at the Balcombe Creek estuary enabled us to take a leisurely walk of about 6-7 kilometres. The first part of the walk is on a concrete footpath


but after passing the estuary


you have the opportunity to cross over to the beach side. Interestingly the creek rarely makes it to the sea.


Given the crumbly nature of the cliffs due to erosion it was good to see railings along the edge of the path as we started.


There are frequent viewpoints along the path.




Another thing we noted were the information markers detailing interactions between the early European explorers and the original indigenous inhabitants.










As we walked along we could feel some strength in the wind so it was no wonder that many of the trees were twisted and gnarly.


About halfway along we detoured down a path to Fossil Beach for a quick look. It has been well picked over during the decades since fossils were first found there.


The acacias and the casuarinas in bloom reminded us that spring is on its way.



The coastline is quite rugged but beautiful.


As we approached Mornington we saw a number of the bathing boxes (beach huts) that are dotted around Port Phillip Bay. They always peak interest in interstate and overseas visitors.


After a gentle uphill finish we were happy to sit down for a hot drink and a warm lunch at the busy Li Lo Cafe.


3 thoughts on “Mt Martha to Mornington cliff-top walk”

  1. Lovely photos ..I was just at Mornington Peninsula last year and had lunch at Portsea Hotel and then stopped at Sorrento beach and saw the little beach huts

      1. You’re welcome. I’m sure I’ll be back my son loves in Melbourne and just waiting for the borders to open so I can visit

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