Fijian flashback – Another day in paradise in Fiji

Another lazy start to the day and another delicious buffet breakfast.


Well that’s the way we started each day at the Shangri-La. As for what was next that was another thing altogether. We started with a walk down to the beach.


That decided it. Karen was ready for a snorkel. So off we went to the dive shop to hire some gear. Pretty soon Karen was snorkelling.


By this time I was warming up so decided to take a quick swim. When I came out I lay down to read a book. Not long after I was surprised by the arrival of an intruder on my towel.


After finishing snorkelling Karen and I selected two vacant beach lounges and relaxed whilst reading and taking in the lovely view.


Lunch of a club sandwich for me and a grilled vegetable platter for Karen followed. Later on we joined one of the resort rangers and did a garden walk. To us the gardens looked spectacular but apparently fruit bats can be a problem.


This tree was one of the largest we saw. It’s girth was huge.


One last spectacular sunset from our balcony capped off a lovely, relaxing time in tropical Fiji.


The next day we checked out and headed to the Nadi airport for our flight back to a wintry Melbourne.


Note: It is now almost 12 months since our trip to Fiji. However, because we headed off to France within a few days of returning home it is only now that I find I have time to write about the last few days of our time in Fiji. Hence the ‘Fijian Flashback’ idea.


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