Fijian flashback – Resort life at the Shangri-la Fijian

After all the rain in Suva we were happy to move back to the west of the main island of Viti Levu which is apparently a bit drier than the east. Our destination was the Shangri-La Fijian resort, not far to the west of Sigatoka. It was a huge resort with five or six wings of accommodation. Our room was on the second level of a four level building.



After settling in we were able to take in this lovely sunset view.


We ate at one of the restaurants the first night after arriving mid afternoon.

The next morning the golf course beckoned.


Set amongst beautiful gardens the nine hole course was fun to play. Sadly it took some time getting used to the speed of the greens when putting.


A number of holes had ocean views which made it even more special to play there.


By the time we finished golf it was quite hot so lunch and a cool drink in one of the resort’s cafes followed. The gardeners had a quirky sense of humour with the plants near the boutiques.


In the afternoon Karen joined a small group with one of the rangers for a marine studies session. They used plastic tubs with perspex bottoms to enable them to study the corals and sea creatures. It was a bit like having your own small glass bottomed boat.


Personally a relax by one of the pools suited me. There are quite a few at the resort. Interestingly this one was adults only. The resort appeals to both couples and families but this pool was better for those holidaying without kids.


The barbecue restaurant in a large beach buré attracted us that evening for dinner. The food was yummy but an uninvited guest had several of the patrons scrambling away from their tables. It was this sea snake which certainly moved as quickly as the diners who didn’t like its presence interrupting their meals.

DSCN0065As we walked back to our room after dinner we wondered what excitement the next day would bring us.

Note: It is now almost 12 months since our trip to Fiji. However, because we headed off to France within a few days of returning home it is only now that I find I have time to write about the last few days of our time in Fiji. Hence the ‘Fijian Flashback’ idea.


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