Fijian flashback – Fiji museum (or what to do on a wet day in Suva)

Rain, just what any traveller doesn’t want. So it was just as well where we were staying was just a short walk to the Fiji Museum. After donning our coats and grabbing an umbrella off we set. On arrival we left our wet weather gear at the front desk as we paid our $7 entry fee.

Fiji museum ticket

The first section we looked through was the Maritime gallery. A number of canoe, boats and models of similar filled the large hall.


Next we looked at some static displays detailing the early history of Fiji and its peoples. We were surprised that the early Lapita people had arrived in Fiji over 3000 years ago.


Lots of information about the Sigatoka people was of interest to us too.


Fijian history over the last few hundred years was well detailed, although the displays were showing their age a bit. It was interesting to see how heavily imbedded in Fijian society the Methodist and Catholic churches had become.


The section on clothing came next.


We were particularly intrigued by this helmet/hat made from a spiky looking fish skin.


The natural history section had several diorama displays of land, bird and marine life. I was happy to look at these dead beetles. Not sure how I would have felt seeing live beetles this big.


Finally there was small but impressive display of artwork which had a focus on animals.


Sadly it was still raining as we came out otherwise a look around the lovely Thurston Gardens would have been good to do on the same visit.

Note: It is now almost 12 months since our trip to Fiji. However, because we headed off to France within a few days of returning home it is only now that I find I have time to write about the last few days of our time in Fiji. Hence the ‘Fijian Flashback’ idea.


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