Fijian Flashback – Beer O’clock at the Grand Pacific

After a heap of rain we were pleased to see it come to a halt one afternoon just in time for us to visit one of Suva’s grand institutions – the Grand Pacific. So off we went. It is a lovely old building. However the accommodation is in modern rooms and suites now.


The best place for a five o’clock drink is out the back by the pool. Such serene surroundings.


The view out to Suva’s harbour is lovely too. Sadly the clouds detracted from it a bit.


Mind you, many of the ladies in our group were more interested in the view of the pool once a large group of Fiji’s finest arrived for a cool down. We were told they were members of the national rugby team. I wonder how many (if any) of them were in the Rugby Sevens team that have just won Fiji’s first ever Gold medal at the Olympics.


So here’s cheers to Fiji. Well done!


Note: It is now almost 12 months since our trip to Fiji. However, because we headed off to France within a few days of returning home it is only now that I find I have time to write about the last few days of our time in Fiji. Hence the ‘Fijian Flashback’ idea.


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