Sabah’s Agop Batu Tulug caves

On the way from Sukau to Lahud Datu our guide, Adrian, suggested we stop to visit the caves at Agop Batu Tulug found on top of, and in, a limestone hill. Between Adrian and this signboard at the entry to the reserve we were well briefed on the caves and their use as a burial site for log coffins.


We started with a climb up the wooden steps and other rocky surfaces. Even though the hill is only 40 metres high it was still a fair challenge and certainly took our heart rates up.



However the climb was worth it for the views from the top. You can see the river in the distance in this next photo.



In the top level caves there were a few decorated log coffins.


From there we had a steep descent to the Agop Lintanga cave. This was a much bigger cave and we could actually go in via a rocky opening. There were more than 40 whole log coffins as well over two dozen half or part coffins, all neat groups. They are apparently 700 – 900 years old and really well preserved in most cases.




After having a look around we continued our descent back to the carpark. From there we drove over a rare bridge over the Kinabatangan River, through a number of small towns to Lahud Datu, quite a major town. We ate in a local cafe with Adrian guiding us through the offerings on the menu. After making a number of choices to share they were quickly cooked up in woks by the cooks. After finishing our lunch we drove around to the offices of Borneo Nature Tours where we said our farewells to Adrian. Amazingly we met Barbara, our travel agent from Raw Wildlife Encounters here. She had just come out of the Danum Valley, which was where our next adventure would be. More about that in my next post.


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