Final Kinabatangan River safari in Sukau

It’s amazing how the weather can be so different within a 24 hour time period. Our third river safari, in the late afternoon, was undertaken with a bright blue sky as a background to any photos we took. By now I had well and truly realised you need a largish telephoto lens if you want really good photos of the wildlife. Even though we saw lots they were nearly always way up in a tree a long way from us. We were lucky enough to see heaps though. Initially lots of monkeys and long tailed macaques.


This little one missed its footing as it made its way along a narrow cable above us


but was soon up and on its way to successfully reach the trees on the other side.


This family group also caught our eye and best of all they sat quite still for long enough for me to photograph them.


Adrian, our guide, was quite a bird enthusiast and was quick to point out how lucky we were to see so many different varieties of hornbills, many of the more common types


and the even rarer rhino hornbill.



However many groups had seen pygmy elephants the previous afternoon and word had spread of where they had been so we kept going up and down the river past the area. Sure enough just as the light was fading there they were, a family of three, bull, cow and baby pygmy elephants. The baby was keeping very close to its mother even though they were partly hidden by the elephant grass they were eating. It didn’t take long for one or two safari boats to multiply to about fifteen or so, some moving in too close. Anyway it was a real highlight even if the experience was shared with so many others.


After having a good look we headed off up the river towards the lodge and were fortunate enough to observe a beautiful sunset with the rainforest silhouetted against the skyline.


Back at the lodge pre dinner drinks time came around quickly. As it was our final night there we were strongly urged to change into the traditional sarongs for dinner. We looked pretty silly but as everyone did it, it was a bit of fun. That evening there were only eight of us there so we suggested sitting together. There were Marshall and Velvet from England, a couple from Denmark, who spoke good English and a young Japanese couple who spoke some English but appeared to understand the thread of the conversation. Again we had a lovely buffet spread. The chicken curry and the beef rendang were really good, accompanied by a large bottle of Anchor beer.


The next morning we farewelled our chalet and the lovely staff at the lodge.


We loaded up our gear onto the boat and headed to Sukau by river with Adrian, our guide and driver again.


It had been a great time for us here at Sukau.


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