Sepilok – orang utans, sun bears and more

After grabbing a few things at the shops we left Sandakan and drove to Sepilok Orangutans with Mason. At the Sepilok Orang utan Rehabilitation Centre we started with lots of other groups in a hall watching a movie first. After that we received more infornation from Mason as we moved along a wooden walkway to a feeding platform area. A keeper came out to the platform with a basket of food. Pretty soon afterwards the first orang utan came swinging down.




After a few more minutes the numbers on the platform had grown to four. Apparently seven was the full compliment if they all chose to eat at that time.


Eventually another larger female swung down. To our delight she had a small baby with her.


It wasn’t long before the baby became confident enough to start swinging around.


After eating time was finished we moved on to the nursery area. Here we were behind glass and able to sit or stand on raised steps. Whilst there a baby orang utan came down to eat. Soon after a second one arrived. They ate quite happily in each other’s company.


Our next activity was to visit the Sepilok Rainforest Discovery Centre – we started with a canopy walk.


Our guide, Mason was able to give us a very detailed tour. There were signboards to look at if you didn’t have a guide. After descending from the canopy walk we continued around the gardens which were very green, beautiful and quite peaceful.



However the heat and humidity started to get to us! We took cool cover in the interpretation centre before heading off for lunch at a cafe near the entrance to the Orang utan Sanctuary.


For lunch we ordered off the menu ourselves so we chose to eat a much smaller meal than previous days, more in keeping with the quantity we eat at home.

Our next stop was the Sun Bear Conservation Centre. We started by looking at a video in a small theatrette area. Then we were able to view the sun bears from raised balcony areas. They were reasonably active and looking around for food together. After a while the heat and humidity took its toll on us again and we were happy to move on.


Our driver and guide took us around to the Sepilok Nature Resort. We farewelled them as the next day we would be linking up with yet another guide. The Resort was in a beautiful garden setting around a large lake. Once we checked in we walked around to our chalet on the other side of the lake. The tree roots were intermingled with the boardwalk.


Our timber chalet was beautifully appointed. A huge step up in class from the previous night.



Our chalet had a king size bed, TV and lounge chairs in a massive main room with a smaller study room to one side as well as a huge bathroom, including a sunken Roman style bath and shower which we took advantage of to cool down and freshen up. After a late afternoon rest we made our way to the restaurant for dinner.


It was a lovely setting for a refreshing beer and dinner.


After a good night’s sleep in our massive bed we would be ready for the next day’s adventures.


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