Victoria’s Great Ocean Walk, Day 4 – Apollo Bay to Marengo

Sadly on the Friday we had to check out of our apartment in Apollo Bay at 10:00 and return home so we didn’t have a lot of time to do a full day’s walk. Due to our afternoon arrival on our first day we had elected not to walk from Marengo to Apollo Bay. So after checking out we parked our cars near the Apollo Bay golf course and made our way to the beach along the side of the golf course. Our plan was to walk the two kilometres along the beach and return via the pathway which wasn’t on the beach but within eyesight.


Once we were on the beach we moved fairly quickly as the weather forecast was for rain later in the morning. It didn’t take us long to come to the point where The Backwater was located. It’s where the Barham River doesn’t quite make it to the sea.


The rock platforms looked like they would be fun for the young and young at heart like us to scramble over but sadly the tide was on the move.


To our right there was a roped off area and not far along we came to this sign informing people that it was a Hooded Plover nesting area. However none were to be seen. We certainly appreciated even more how lucky we had been to see them the day before.


We continued along the beach for over a kilometre. At that stage we could see out in the water the Marengo Reef. It is apparently a great spot for snorkelling and diving.


At the end of the beach we came to the rocky point next to Marengo camping and caravan park and headed through the carpark and back onto the Great Ocean Walk track which would bring us back to Apollo Bay. Sadly about this time it began to drizzle rain so we made use of our coats and umbrellas as we kept walking briskly. We came to another information sign about the hooded plovers.


Not long after we crossed over the Barham River at the entry to the town.


About 500 metres later we were back at the cars. We drove back into town and warmed up with hot drinks. Our last little walk had been just long enough. Any further and the weather gods would have made it unpleasant. Now we have to plan and find another time to do the rest of the wonderful Great Ocean Walk.


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