Victoria’s Great Ocean Walk, Day 3 – Glenaire to Johanna Beach

The third day of our Great Ocean Walk was Thursday April 28th. Again we did a car shuttle, leaving one car at Johanna Beach and returning to Glenaire to start our walk. We didn’t have to go too far to have our first scenic view.


The gravel trail led us through heavy bushland at first.


We had the occasional view to the coast below.


A low growing form of eucalyptus was quite plentiful. This one certainly had character. The wind had been a huge influence on its growth I suspected.


Some were even in flower – very pretty.


We also noted plenty of grass bushes (Xanthorrhoeas) and even some stunted banksias.


After about an hour the trail headed inland through a gully of bracken and taller eucalypts.


Then we came to a section where we had to brush and wash our shoes due to the risk of fungal infection being spread. The trail became a very narrow boardwalk.


At the end of it was another point for boots to be brushed and washed for walkers going in the other direction. Our walk continued on and finally came to a point where we had a great view down to Johanna Beach, just before we started our descent.


As we reached the beach we came past signage warning walkers of the risks involved due to tidal changes.


From there we began the long trek along the beach with the wind in our faces again at times.


The cliffs above us were quite impressive. Equally so was the ability of some of the plants to cling to life on the rocky surface.


After about half an hour we came upon some of the rare, threatened hooded plovers bathing in a billabong of sea water. Given there are only about 600 in existence we were fortunate to see any.


The long beach walk continued around another rocky outcrop.


Finally we came to where the path came off the beach. We had a somewhat hazy view back along Johanna Beach to where we had come from about an hour earlier. This section from Glenaire to Johanna Beach had certainly been the most interesting walk of the three we had done.


However we had come off the wrong part of the beach and ended up walking along the road to the carpark where we had left one of our cars.


From there we could look further west to the part of the Great Ocean Walk we had yet to do. It is suggested you need eight days to complete the whole walk. Perhaps another time.



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