Victoria’s Great Ocean Walk, Day 1 – Shelley Beach to Marengo

For some time Karen and I have been keen to do some, or all, of the Great Ocean Walk on the south west coast here in our state of Victoria. So when our friends Brendan and Pauline said they would be interested too we set our plans in motion. The end result was we had four spare days to do most of the first half of the walk by basing ourselves in an apartment we booked in Apollo Bay for the four days and using our cars to run our own shuttle service.

So on Tuesday April 26 we drove down the Great Ocean Road.


Along the way we stopped to check out the damage from bushfires that ravaged the area during the summer. Already some new growth on the eucalypts was evident.


We reached Apollo Bay by lunchtime and checked into our apartment. After lunch we drove to Marengo and left one car. In the other car we continued on to park at the Shelley beach carpark. Even though the walk is usually done from east to west it suited us better to go west to east on this section.

As we parked and left our car at the Shelley Beach carpark we had to avoid some very pesky European wasps. Most annoying. We moved quickly and we soon passed through a shady vale of eucalypts 


as we descended to Shelley beach, a beautiful, secluded spot.


From there we backtracked 100 metres and walked west to Three Creeks beach along a boardwalk.


After a short descent we were walking steadily along the beach. Waves cyclically crashed over the platform rocks.


Looking at the rocks you could see their volcanic origins.


At the end of the beach the path resumed. Sadly it was steeply uphill on a grassy path. An opportunistic seat was placed about two thirds of the way up. By the time we reached the top we had the chance to take some great photos.


The walk continued on along the cliff top with the path surface changing from a scramble over rocks


to gravel


to grass and even a short section of boardwalk as we went.


On reaching Marengo we passed through the caravan park to our car. Our next move was to drive back to pick up the other car. We returned to Apollo Bay for a relaxing drink, well pleased with our introduction to the Great Ocean Walk.


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