La Sagrada Familia

As we exited the metro we had to zip up our coats and put up our umbrellas. It turned out that two decisions we had made the day before about our visit to La Sagrada Familia were good ones. The first was to make an online booking for an entry time to see the interior. Our friends, John and Anne, who were with us had done so too. The second had been to take some exterior photos when we had done a reconnaissance visit. It was such a huge building – no wonder it was still incomplete.


We made our way in via the bookshop/entry area and collected some audioguides. As it was still drizzling rain we didn’t stop to look at the exterior but quickly went in. The first thing that struck us was the sheer magnitude, especially the height.


The pillars and walls were massive but still beautiful.


Gaudi had been very specific in his desire to make the lighting and stained glass windows a feature and clearly this had been realised. The reds and blues were sensational.



The four central pillars of the intersecting naves each had a huge colourful emblem for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This is the St Mark one.


Using the audioguides gave us a lot of excellent information and background to the construction of La Sagrada Familia.


There were special features everywhere.


Sadly, even though we had booked to go up one of the towers, due to the rain we couldn’t. However when it stopped we went back outside to have a closer look at the exterior.


The sculpture work was wonderful.


We couldn’t help but be impressed at the detail and size of it all.


One thing is for sure we will return to Barcelona in the next couple of years. There’s so much to see and do still. Certainly saving La Sagrada Familia for our last day had been a fitting conclusion to our time in Barcelona. Sadly we may have to wait another 20 years to return to see this architectural masterpiece completed.


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