More of Barcelona’s History Revealed

Early on in our time in Barcelona we had been to a couple of Roman sites in the Barri Gotic area. However where we stayed in El Born there was more history to see which had only been revealed in recent times. Apparently the local market was going to be updated at one time but when excavation work began they discovered foundations of buildings which have now been dated back hundreds of years. Archaeologists have continued to work on excavating the ruins and cataloging their findings. The market canopy from the 1800s has been maintained as a roof over the works.


Once inside we were free to move around the upper balcony area and look at the excavated ruins.


As we went there were information boards to read.


Some of them also had prints of paintings that depicted the times.


We weren’t sure but it seemed if you were either a student or a paying customer you could also venture down among the ruins for a closer look but we were happy just seeing things from the balcony free of charge.

DSCN2681After spending quite a while there we moved out and made our way through El Born’s shopping quarter with lots of boutique stores to peruse.


Our next stopping point was La Catedrale.


We had been previously on a Sunday so it was good to come at a time when we could do justice to the interior. Firstly we checked out an inner court where many geese, of all things, could be found. Fascinating we thought.


And one of the geese found us equally interesting!


Inside it was a bit gloomy but items and areas of importance were well enough lit to take reasonable photos. Here is the organ below.


These were the intricately decorated seats in the choir.


Many of the chapels had lots of exquisitely made statues with gilt framework and columns. Of course they were gated and fenced off with wrought iron work but you could easily line up a good photo through the spaces between uprights in the fences.


Of course I was quite interested to see in my namesake, St Mark’s chapel.


One chapel was even dedicated to a Black Madonna.


After having a good look around we made our way back to El Born and had lunch. I really enjoyed the seafood paella I ordered.


It was a wonderful way to relax after a busy morning.


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