A Night at Barcelona’s Palau de la Musica Catalana

If football is Barcelona’s sporting passion then flamenco is certainly its musical passion. So to experience an unforgettable night it was a no brainer to buy tickets for a performance at the amazingly ornate Palau de la Musica Catalana. As luck would have it this was our last night in Barcelona as we would be flying back home to Melbourne the following evening.

The night began dining with our friends, John and Anne, in a tiny family run neighbourhood restaurant in the Barri Gothic, that their AirBnB hosts recommended.


We ordered a variety of tapas plates which we shared.


From the restaurant it was a short ten minute walk to the Palau de la Musica Catalana. We had purchased tickets on the ground level but sadly not as near to the front as we would have preferred but certainly in a great spot as it turned out. The show was entitled Guitarra Espanola Flamenco and although it was starring a guitar trio there would be some flamenco dancing, amazingly energetic and passionate as it transpired.

Barcelona night 14

We arrived in daylight so again we could admire the outside of this beautiful building, which we had previously seen on our self guided walking tour of the old part of Barcelona on our first day.


The external decorative sculpture work was fantastic.


Modernista style architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner was every bit as showy as Gaudi. As we made our way up the interior stairs 


and into the theatre we could see no less attention to detail inside as well. Just splendiferous!



Sadly with no camera other than my old mobile I have used a stock photo to show you to better effect.


The show started a little late but the opening number was sensational. Lively guitar playing and drumming but the highlight was the colourful, vigorous dancing from the two dancers in the troupe, Jose M Alvarez and Carolina Morgado. During the rest of the show the musicians and dancers took it in turns to be on and off stage. At some times we only had one guitarist or the drummer alone on stage. At other times, especially the finale and the encore, all four musicians and both dancers gave us a fantastic performance. The dancers particularly exerting themselves in a truly passionate way which we and the rest of the audience appreciated greatly. The next media item I have inserted is actually a scan of a picture from the program, as we weren’t meant to take cameras into the theatre. However it gives you an idea of the athleticism of the two dancers as well as showing the guitarists, Manuel Gonzalez, Xavier Coll and and Luis Robisco Bailarines, in the background.

Barcelona night 13

Even when the performance was over there was a real buzz amongst the audience as they left. We had seen and heard something really special, truly a passionate show but hard to describe or show in a way that can give you the reader a feel for the experience we had. So when you are in Barcelona make sure you see some flamenco and experience Barcelona’s musical passion.


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