A small taste of FC Barcelona

Barcelona is passionate about many things – it’s Catalan roots, food, music and of course football. Unfortunately we weren’t able to attend a game when we were in Barcelona. Football is however celebrated even when a game isn’t being played. Where? Either at Camp Nou or as we discovered, right opposite La Sagrada Familia at a smaller dedicated museum of FC Barcelona, along with the ubiquitous shop attached to cash in on visiting fans.

Actually entry is free.You only part with your hard earned cash, or credit card, when you make a purchase. On display in the shop was every known item of football clothing and as many souvenir items as possible that could be branded with the famous colours of FC Barcelona.


The museum displays celebrated Barcelona’s many La Lliga successes,



it’s Champions League wins


and many items of it’s most famous players, Lionel Messi being the most recent of these. Details about the players and their roles in the club’s success were detailed on the glass cabinets behind which were displayed their tops.


Certainly nowhere near as exciting as attending a game but a walk around the displays gave an interesting insight into the club that Barcelona’s fans adore with a passion.


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