Another Gaudi day in Barcelona

It was probably a good thing that we had booked into La Sagrada Famila two days in advance because after arriving at Park Guell reasonably early in the morning we found that the earliest we could enter would be 13:00.

We had come from El Born via the metro and a couple of very long, steep escalators


to the entry to the park to find this out to our dismay.

Anyway we were there and there were sections of the park we could enter so we did. It was just a shame we wouldn’t be going to the centre this time. At least we could see various parts of it, brilliantly decorated, from a distance and take photos of the people in it.



We followed the path, which lead around and generally upwards through the gardens.



Along the way we passed the inevitable souvenir sellers but finally reached some excellent viewpoints. Another camera toting tourist was happy to take a good snap of us with the city and mountain of Montjuïc in the background.


One of stopping points gave us a good view back to Gaudi’s most famous, unfinished work, La Sagrada Família so we had a bit of an idea where it was in relation to the rest of the city.


We came to another entry point to the park, one well used by hordes of bus tourists. As we had seen as much as we could we exited the park there and decided to walk down to La Sagrada Família so we could do a reconnaissance for the following day.

In the end it took longer than we expected but with a stop at a bakery and an empanada shop we had enough for a quick picnic along the way.

Once we arrived at La Sagrada Família you could not help but be amazed by the size of it. No wonder it was still, obviously, a work in progress. The contrast between the finished and the parts still being built was quite stark.



The crowds were huge and security was obviously paramount.


We thought the detail was truly beautiful.


We made our way around the exterior taking photos of what is just an amazing piece of architecture.


Tomorrow the interior would be revealed to us.



2 thoughts on “Another Gaudi day in Barcelona”

    1. Thanks for stopping by. La Sagrada still has a long way to go still! In my next post there will be some interior shots, not sure what you saw previously but the interior glass work is quite beautiful. Cheers, Mark

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