Barceloneta – beaches, bars and boats

We could have walked all the way down to Barceloneta but it was easier by the metro so down and back onto the metro we went.


Exiting from the Barceloneta metro station brought us a great view of the marina area.


From there we passed a number of craft and souvenir stalls as we made our way along the marina.



As we came to the end of the marina we could see along some of the streets to where the beach was so we crossed over and made our way there. Lots of washing hanging from the apartments interspersed with lots of Catalan flags. There had been a close run referendum about succession over the weekend.


Not packed but certainly both the beach at Platja de Sant Miquel and the water were busy enough for a week day.


Lots of people were using the beach promenade but for us a quiet picnic lunch was enough.


Cafes and bars were clearly doing a good trade.


Even the police were dressed in shorts, ready for the beach and the great weather.


After walking along the beach for a while we decided it was too hot for us to stay there at Platja de Sant Miquel so back towards the old part of the city we walked.



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