An afternoon and evening in Barcelona’s El Born

Suitably refreshed we left our apartment and made our way up C de l’Agentaria firstly passing the Church of Santa Maria del Mar


before turning to the left and into the heart of El Born.


Much as it was interesting to window shop


our main mission for the afternoon was to take advantage of free entry on Sundays to one of Barcelona’s many museums. Our choice was the nearby Picasso museum. Sadly it was also the choice of hundreds of others so we duly joined the queue which met us as we turned into the beginning of the street in which the museum could be found.


Movement was slow so we engaged our fellow queue members in conversation to pass the approximately fifty minutes it took to reach the front of the queue.


After purchasing our tickets we looked in the shop. We had approximately another 45 minutes before our entry time. Clearly this was a popular place. Photos could be taken in the outer courtyards but not the actual museum itself. If you wanted a souvenir of your visit it could be a book, postcard, print or anything else that took your fancy in the shop.


Next we left our daypacks at the cloakroom. We entered just before our allotted time and made our way around the museum which apart from the special exhibition was in reasonable chronological order and quite fascinating. For us it was a little disappointing there was nothing from the period in the 1950s around the time we were born on display. We wondered which other museum in the world had these pieces on display. We descended from the museum via one of the garden courtyards.


After leaving the museum we walked back around the restaurant area of El Born. We had a quick look inside the Church of Santa Maria del Mar


before eating at a busy tapas bar. On this occasion we confined ourselves to mostly the smaller items, pintxos, which were quite delicious. You pay by the number of empty toothpicks/skewers at the end. It was a lovely way to finish the day and only a short walk back to our apartment.





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