Day 5 – Arriving in Carcassonne

The next morning woke up about 10 to 8 to the sound of quacking ducks nearby.


Suzanne, Karen and I walked along the canal and into town to the boulangerie to buy baguettes and a bun. After breakfast we headed off at 9:00 along the canal towards Trèbes. Under a bridge and off we departed from Marseilette. The kilometres rolled by as did the bridges.


On our approach to Trèbes we had a triple lock.


John videoed everyone in the first lock then I swapped for him to complete the remaining two thus recording everyone on video for posterity. We moored in Trèbes


and filled up with water at the Le Boat base.


Karen and I walked around town to the Info Centre looking for wifi but as it was closed until 14:00 we headed off towards the next lock so we would be ready when the lock keeper’s lunch break ended. Along the way we passed more workmen removing the plane trees – such a shame.


We arrived at the lock about 1:10 so made lunch quickly. Went through several locks with a very large barge driven poorly by an American bumping everything in sight. Two single locks first, then a single with a basin and a double straight after. One more single lock along the way at St Jean before approaching Carcassonne. Our first view of the castle was pretty impressive, even if we were looking over the top of buildings and trees.


Parked just before the lock while Anne and Karen checked things out and reserved a berth at the port office. Our boat went through the lock into the port alone. John backed in on the right side to our berth, number nine. Karen and I went to the port office to pay for our berth.

Port of Carcassonne office.

Once we were docked we all took our day packs and explored the lower town together. We continued walking and made our way to the river and along to a bridge which led to the fortress. As time was moving on we walked halfway across and took some photos.


We would go up to the fortress the next day for a more comprehensive look when we had time. From there we walked back to the Place Carnot. Firstly the important task of visiting the chocolate shop


then secondly finding a restaurant. We ate dinner at Le Longchamp restaurant – very friendly and helpful wait staff.


I ate the ‘menu du jour’ which was a mixed grill of pork sausage and lamb chop with French fries and green beans. For dessert I had three delicious cheeses. Karen ate a smoked salmon salad. We walked back to the boat, doing some window shopping as we went. Back on board we discussed our plans for the next day which we were all looking forward to very much.


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