Day 3 boating along the Canal du Midi

Day 3 dawned and again perfect sunny weather. After breakfast off we went.


It didn’t take long for the scenery to change. It was a rare time when the surrounding countryside wasn’t flat and mostly open.


We came to our first double lock. John drove while the rest of us did the ropes.


Next we passed through a single lock, followed by another double which I drove through, then soon after a final single lock. At the Pechlaurier lock Suzanne even had time to smell the roses


DSCN2034before taking the wheel. This allowed us to rotate who was helping on ropes at the locks.


It didn’t take long to travel the seven kilometres so we arrived at 11:15 in Homps. We had had a dream run arriving at all the locks and being able to drive straight in while boats coming the other way were forced to wait. This all meant saving about 45 mins travelling time.

DSCN2039Once we surveyed where to park I backed in with John assisting on the bow thrusters. Le Boat had a port in Homps with lots of berths supplied with water and power so we filled up the water and connected to the electricity.


Had morning tea then went for a walk over the blue bridge into the town. We made our way on foot to the supermarket at the other end of the town. The six of us all helped stock up for the next day and carried our goodies back to the boat. We made lunch of salad rolls and sat upstairs on the boat. Suzanne, Karen and I went for a walk to post postcards and look at the restaurants and see which ones were open, given it was a Monday. This was a good move as we discovered only one of four would be open. In the afternoon Charles snoozed and John and Anne rode the bikes around. When they returned Karen and I rode out to the lake at nearby Jouarres just past a resort with lots of villa units.




We also caught up on email using the wifi at Le Boat’s office. Later in the afternoon John and I did a quick ride out to the far edge of town to another bakery to check it out.


Once we started to become hungry Anne, Karen and I walked to buy pizzas from Snack Le Logan’s. We had a drink on their outside chairs while our pizzas cooked. On our return the pizzas were devoured reasonably fast.


We sat upstairs on our boat and chatted, drank and listened to music. By now the port was quite full and across the water the little town of Homps was bathed in light from the streetlights above and the moon overhead. It had been a very relaxing day.




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