Patterns of Provence

By now you will know we had an amazing time in Provence. Historically artists have loved Provence in particular for the light and for a keen photographer like me the variety of light conditions was a challenge at times. However one thing that I did love were the patterns in nature and man made structures that were excellent photographic subjects. So even though I have included as many of my better photos in recent posts as I could I am now displaying a few more of the rest that I haven’t been able to include yet that I really like and I hope you like them too.

From shelves of soap

DSCN1693to roof tiles.


To arches sitting on arches.


(Yes I know the Pont du Gard isn’t in Provence! But I love the arches and the reflection and we were staying in Provence when we did a trip here so that’s why I’ve included the photo here.)

Patterns in the sand.


Rocks stacked on poles.


Cracks in water logged earth in the Camargue.


Sliced apples on a delicious dessert.




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