Pont du Gard

Rain! Every travellers least favourite weather. Well at least we were able to have an extra long breakfast with our AirBnB host Muriel. More French lessons for me and more English lessons for Muriel (who was going to take her granddaughter to New York about a month later) as we ate and drank. Once it cleared up we were in the car and off to Pont du Gard. As we approached we noticed two carpark different signs, one for each side of the river. We chose the left bank carpark. As we walked towards the Pont it quickly came into view.


Following the path we soon came to it and we were impressed at just how big it was as we stood near and underneath it.





DSCN1734Once we had crossed over the walkway part of the aqueduct we made our way down to the right bank for some good views of the Pont.


As we made our way back up we saw a sign to a viewpoint so we decided to follow the trail up and along. Sadly after some time we came to the viewpoint and even though it was higher it wasn’t as good as the one we’d had on the riverbank.


Next we walked to the Museum. First up we went into the cinema and watched a very interesting, detailed and well produced film about the Romans and the making of the Pont du Gard. Then we spent about an hour in the museum itself which documented not only the making of the Pont but also Roman life in the area. Many of the displays were most impressive.


Outside the museum there was also a series of displays about World Heritage sites which was also most interesting. It was a shame we didn’t have more time.


As we walked back we checked out one of the very old olive trees. Nine hundred years old in fact.


We crossed back over the Pont and decided to go further upstream on the left bank to see how good the reflection photo opportunities were and we weren’t disappointed.


So I placed the camera on a rock and set up the timer for an old fashioned version of a selfie.


As we walked back along the river’s edge we took a closer look at a grotto we had noticed earlier.


Then we stopped at the cafe for a drink with one of the more impressive backdrops you could ever have.


Note: The Pont du Gard has a combined carpark and entry fee which was quite pricey but well worth it.


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