Arles by night

During the week we were based in Arles we only ate out three times in the old town but each were enjoyable experiences even though the food varied in standard a bit.

The first time we ate out was at the end of the Feria de Riz, which was probably a bad move as the restaurants had been serving all day. So I’m guessing even though the wait staff were helpful and friendly the cooking staff were ‘over it’!  Also the best food had probably been cooked earlier in the day for lunch because my steak was very leathery! Karen’s egg salad was a much higher standard. The chocolate mousse raised the bar a bit higher again. However we enjoyed the experience of eating at Le Marlette for the decor and location as much as for the food. Our return walk to our car took us past the arena which was much quieter than it had been during the day.


Tonton Sam was our second night out in Arles. Yes it is a hamburger restaurant but the burgers were excellent and cooked by the lovely lady chefs to perfection. With fries and a beer for me and a Coke for Karen it was sure fire, if simple, meal.


Our last meal out in Arles was after we had returned late from Gordes and all the other outstanding hilltop villages in that area of Provence. Our host Muriel had recommended La Pergula not far from the Arena


but sadly as we arrived the Complèt sign went up on the door. So given the late hour we headed to the Place du Forum and did a very touristy thing. We ate at the Cafe de Van Gogh. We had a table for two right next to a young couple who were speaking English in a couple of different accents. Turns out Pablo (from Chile originally) and Heidi were two nurses from Denver, Colorado. During the evening we had a wonderful long conversation with them. Not just because they were lovely people but because the meals were so slow in coming. Turns out one of the two chefs had been injured which put the other guy under all sorts of pressure as the cafe was very full. It was a shame because the prawn linguini I eventually received was delicious. Karen had a nice jambon and melon salad.



Once we had paid our bill we made our way back through the reasonably quiet streets to our car. It was a really good time to appreciate another side of the town’s charms.


Whilst window shopping as we strolled this brocante shop caught our eye as we passed it. Probably just as well it was closed as our suitcases were already full enough!



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