Saignon, a serene secret

From Roussillon we continued our circuit of hilltop towns with a visit to Saignon which was reached by an ever narrowing road. Our prayer not to meet any vehicles coming in the opposite direction was mostly answered. Again we parked below the town but it was only one flight of steps and we came to a square with a bakery/cafe, church, school and some houses.


We started our walk around the town. It was very quiet we noticed. Another thing that struck us quickly was that there was a real pride in the gardens and greenery.


imageEach little courtyard had a tree or shrubs or flowers and always presented beautifully.



The street gradually rose. So we continued walking up past lovely old houses and eclectic garden displays.



Finally we came to a high point where we could see the towns and villages in the valley below. We also had a really good view further up into the hills.


Our walk back down was along the edge of the old wall.


As we came back to the bakery to buy some lunch we saw the most unusual garden display, contained in three old chairs. Quirky but most effective.


Once we had returned to the square we had started in we bought some lunch at the bakery and sat on a seat under a lovely tree and ate. Saignon truly was a peaceful little town. According to one guide book a secret worth a look and we agree. Perhaps we can return before it becomes as busy as some of the other nearby villages and towns.


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