Our third hilltop village of the day was Bonnieux which seemed very much attached to the side of a steep hill. The road was extremely narrow and windy and much better for drivers than pedestrians in our opinion. That’s because the streets were so narrow.


There weren’t footpaths as such. However to better see we did park our car and walk around.


As the town was steeply on a hill our first view from the car park near the top of the town was down and over the side of an old wall.


The road/path led down through the town past some nicely preserved old buildings including the Tourist Information Centre with their helpful staff.


However as we quickly reached the bottom of the town

My 'girl' with the 'girl from Bonnieux'!
My ‘girl’ with the ‘girl from Bonnieux’!

it became apparent we had seen most of what there was to see so back up to the car we walked. Compared to Saignon it had been underwhelming. Anyway on to our final town of the day next.



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