From Avignon we made a roundabout trip back to Arles. Our first stop was St-Rémy-de-Provence. It has a small but pretty old town and is not far from the monastery and psychiatric hospital that Van Gogh voluntarily admitted himself to in 1889-90. We didn’t go there but had a walk about the old town of St-Rémy. First up we popped into the church which had a pretty impressive pipe organ.









From there we just wandered around the narrow lanes and streets. Now that it was no longer holiday time they were pretty quiet with just a few boutiques, shops and cafes open.


We passed the Musée des Alpilles, a regional folklore and craft museum for this alpine area.


Also a fountain with a bust of famous astrologer, Nostradamus on it. He was born in St-Rémy.


The whimsical vertical garden on one of the street walls caught our eye.


However given the small size of the old town we quickly found ourselves back at the car park near the Tourist Information Centre and so off we went to our main destination for the afternoon, Les Baux-de-Provence.


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