Lot to like in Cahors

We arrived in Cahors mid afternoon and after driving through a rabbit warren maze of narrow streets finally found where we were staying, right in the old town. After dropping off our luggage and taking it up two flights of stairs we parked our car in one of the city carparks. Then we took a familiarisation walk around the old town along the many narrow streets.





Plaques on the walls detailed the name and history of many buildings.















After looking around a while in the old part of town we crossed the main street, Boulevard Gambetta, and made our way past a number of fountains and through to the other side of town. The Lot river snaked its way around this part of Cahors like a horseshoe.

We came to Pont Valentré after a short walk along the river bank.
A number of boats were making their way downstream passing under the bridge.
Pont Valentré was quite an impressive bridge with its three gated towers.
We made our way over part of it, taking a closer look at the towers as we went.
As time was moving on we made our way back to the market square in the old town where we made a good decision to eat at La Lamparo.
We sat outside and ordered just at the right time. It wasn’t more than twenty minutes and the whole of the outside area was occupied. I chose a Menu again. There was lots of local seasonal ingredients in the duck salad, I started with, which was delicious.
I especially liked the use of walnuts in the salad. Karen and I both ate delicious pizzas next and finished with gelato of course. The wait staff were very friendly and hard working and we loved not just the food but the whole ambience. After dinner we made our way back up through the narrow streets to where we staying.

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