Rocamadour – hillside spectacular

Reluctantly we drove away from Sarlat. That night we would be in Cahors to the south. On the way we detoured to the east to visit Rocamadour. Again we were on quite narrow windy roads as we drove to l”Hospitalet where we parked and collected a map from the tourist information centre. From there you could see across the side of the valley to the amazingly situated Rocamadour.


So off we went, walking down the street (walking path) to Rocamadour.


As we approached the town we passed Hotel du Lion D’or. At that point we came upon a traffic jam and had to wait while a tourist bus parked.


We entered through a towered gate. The Rue de la Couronnerie was quite busy but mostly with pedestrians. Clearly not much room for cars etc.











We came to a point where we had a choice. The lift up (4 euros) or use the stairs of the Via Sancta. Even though it was quite steep we felt we were up to the challenge of walking up.


After a good workout we reached the Chapelle Notre Dame (and the other six churches) cut into the rock. We went in and checked out the famous Black Madonna statue. Sadly the low light level meant I couldn’t get a decent photo, as flash photography was banned, but that enabled me to take a photo showing the stain glassed window to excellent effect.



DSCN1301The view from up there back across the valley to where we had started at L’Hospitalet was excellent.


As we exited from the top of the town we followed the La Calvarie path, past the Stations of the Cross, just as pilgrims have since the 12th century. It was again uphill but passed through a lovely, mostly shaded, gardened area.



As we made our way back along the ridge to our car back in L’Hospitalet we again had some excellent views of this amazing cliffside town.



We were really pleased we had made this detour and recommend it. If you’ve been there what did you think?


2 thoughts on “Rocamadour – hillside spectacular”

    1. Thanks for the comment. It really was a ‘magical’ place. I’m not sure how long it took to build the churches and the town but it is amazing how the buildings seem to be attached to the rock. Cheers, Mark

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