Sarlat – Sensational Market and more

The best days to be in Sarlat la Caneda are Wednesdays and Saturdays. Why you ask? Because they are market days. We had made sure we were there on a Wednesday in the hopes that the market would be good but not as crowded as the Saturday market.

We had barely left our centrally located apartment when we started to see stalls full of local goodies.





Some even offered tastings.


DSCN1158After a while temptation proved too strong and after tasting samples of nougat and chocolate Karen purchased some of each from a lovely sales assistant who was happy to test out my French as she spoke only a little English.


By this time the crowd was building. Lots of tourist bus groups were evident. It became slow going.


The market hall was no different, in fact it was really slow moving there.


Two buskers we had seen the previous night were performing again and happy to sell their CDs.

DSCN1151We made our way out of the market area, past the three golden geese statues


to give ourselves a chance to just walk around the quieter sections of the town.



Even then we couldn’t entirely escape tourist bus groups at the better known places.


However it didn’t take long to find a quiet alley.


Again we came to a narrow street full of cafes out the front of lovely framework and stone buildings.


The smell of food meant it was clearly time to eat lunch and there was much to see in the Dordogne that afternoon!


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