Sarlat by night

After dinner we decided to walk around the old town. It really was a lovely town with restaurants offering both outdoor and indoor dining options. Sadly smokers sometimes wrecked eating outdoors.


Many people had already gone home or was it just quieter now that the August holiday season was over.


We just loved the yellow colour of the stone buildings and the floodlighting really set them off to great effect.



In a couple of places buskers were playing.


One shop, which sadly for Karen was closed, attracted her attention. Delicious nougat and chocolate were displayed in the windows.


As we window shopped a familiar sounding voice could be heard. It was the first time in over a week that we had heard an Aussie voice. Greg and Jan were from Canberra and as we chatted it became clear they were not just real Francophiles but loved Sarlat and the surrounding area. They had been to France for the last 20 years in a row and about ten years based in Sarlat! Soon we had accepted their offer to check out their lovely apartment which was even better located than ours. Greg enthusiastically wrote down some ideas for a quick tour of the area the next day after the market. He had a magazine which also enabled him to show us photos of what to expect. Home we went just itching to continue our explorations the following day.






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