South east to Sarlat

Having seen the Atlantic coast of France we now made our way towards the Dordogne. It was quite a long drive (340kms) so after breakfast we farewelled Annie and Alain and started driving. We made our way past Rochefort, Saintes and Cognac. Yes I know many would wonder why we wouldn’t be stopping there but as neither Karen nor I drink cognac it wouldn’t be worthwhile for us. Interestingly though we stopped at nearby Jarnac to stock up on water and food for a picnic lunch and it is the home of Courvoisier.


And yes even though we didn’t stop to do a tour or drink any we could certainly smell the ‘angel’s share’ in the air. It was quite a nice town with the Charente river flowing through.


As we drove, the surrounding countryside was mostly family owned vineyards with row upon row of vines.


After a while we started to see farms adjoining cute little villages like Lusignac. Admittedly Lusignac hadn’t been on our original route but thanks to roadworks and several quite lengthy detours we saw it – a pretty side trip.


As the drive continued the terrain changed again.


We were clearly in cave country when we passed through Les Eyzies-de-Tayac and started seeing signs to the National Museum of Prehistory. Caves were on our agenda but not today.


Our drive continued until we reached Sarlat la Caneda. Our home for the next two nights was a third floor apartment right in the heart of the old town.


Yes, that’s it at the very top. We have the two attic windows on the left. After a heart thumping 57 steps


we were able to enjoy the rooftop views in three directions over the old town.


That evening we dined upstairs at a delightful family run restaurant, La Petite Borie. (Traditional cuisine made with market fresh produce.) The three course Menu appealed as it included many regional specialities using seasonal produce. A platter with saucisson, foie gras and breads to start, then roast duck with potatoes (cooked in a tower shape) and a small green salad. However the walnut cake was a superb culmination to one of the better meals I had eaten!



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