La Rochelle

It was time to move on but before we left Îl de Ré we chanced upon a local market in Sainte Marie so we grabbed some fruit for the journey. 

Over the bridge we drove to La Rochelle. This direction it was free. After parking we made our way to the old part of town. We rather liked the way the footpath along the shops was set into the buildings behind arches.


Two fortified towers guarded the port entry. The colour of the water was an amazing blue.


We walked around the old town amongst the old buildings and cafes, past market stalls selling art and crafts.

The impressive clock tower.
The impressive clock tower.

As we reached the port entry we saw a large yacht going in but it was dwarfed by the tower.


From there we climbed up the steps and walked around the ramparts for a while.


As our parking time was coming to an end we started our walk back to the car and were delighted to see another old Citroën parked as we went, this time a bright yellow one.





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