High point of Îl de Ré

After our bike riding adventure we realised that a trip in the car was necessary because we had not only run out of energy after riding nearly 20 kilometres but there was still much to see in what time we had remaining. We drove along the D201 towards the west of the island, travelling through Le Blois-Plage-en-Ré and up to La Couade-sur-Mer. Here the road became the D735. It wasn’t long and we crossed a very narrow section of land with the sea on the left and what we believed were some of the many oyster beds on the right. We took the turn off to the port of the unfortunately named Ars-en-Ré.


After a brief photo stop we continued our trip as parking seemed almost impossible. Up to the most north westerly point of the island, Phare des Baleines, we drove. We parked our car and made our way on foot towards the phare (lighthouse for we English speakers) past the many restaurants and souvenir and clothing shops.


We walked around to the beach side and the lighthouse was quite impressive as the sun shone on it.


From there we made our way to the beach


as we had noticed a tower nearby and we thought we may get a better look at it and the lighthouse from the beach side.


We returned to our car for the return trip. The signs for the little town of Ars en Ré just appealed to the juvenile side of my sense of humour


so we made a detour through the town. Unfortunately parking was just as impossible as it had been in the town’s port on our way through earlier so after a quick photo we continued our return trip.


Hunger pangs started to set in so we decided to return to La Flotte for dinner. There were many restaurants along the waterfront. We looked at the menus and decided to eat at Pinocchio.


I ate delicious lightly battered and fried whitebait


while Karen had a salad with tomato, proscuitto and camembert cheese. Ice cream followed for dessert. As we left the light was fading but the remains of a beautiful sunset gave us a lovely view over the water.





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