Chenonceau, a château I had seen many times in books and magazines was coming into view as we walked the lovely treed avenue towards it. Nearer to the château the avenue had been continued with new trees.

image Every angle provided a photo opportunity. After taking a few photos we made our way to the front door. We paid our entry fees and with audio guides draped around our necks and headphones on we started our tour of the interior.

image Each room was described in detail on the audio guide. Period furniture, paintings and tapestries adorned the sitting rooms and bedrooms.

image The kitchens were set up as if ready for use.

image Balconies and windows provided views of the château,

image gardens below

image and even the odd extra inhabitant..

image After working our way around each level we handed our audio guides back and strolled to the beautifully manicured gardens.

image From there we had lovely views of the château sitting on the river. The reflections were fantastic!

image We had met up with Alan and Sue, two other people staying with us at Le Moulin du Mesnil and just as we were chatting we heard the unmistakable sound of a hot air balloon. Over the trees at the back of the garden there it was, rising quickly. On board were Gary and Lois, the other two Aussies staying with us.

image Not long after a procession of four more balloons proceeded to rise up past the château. Away they went. The balloons adding in another element to a wonderful late afternoon scene.

image A walk to the gardens on the other side provided more views of the château complete with reflections again. Our afternoon had been truly memorable and we had a wonderful collection of photos to remind us of it.




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