After dipping our toe in the water, so to speak, the previous day we decided to visit two of the bigger and better known château the next day, Amboise and Chenonceau.

So after a wonderful breakfast and a good chat we set off towards the town of Amboise and its famous château. Past fields of sunflowers or row upon row of grape vines we drove, through the odd small village. On arrival in Amboise we parked near the river within eyesight of the château. It was certainly in a strategic position, high up above the river and the surrounding town.


We paid our entry fee and made good use of the audio guide. The rooms were well presented and even though the furniture wasn’t the original furniture used by the kings of France who lived here it was from a similar period.


We managed to move around without becoming entangled in a tour group. Interestingly Leonardi is buried in the chapel at Amboise chateau and his last house and the gardens are also a big drawcard for Amboise.


We were also impressed with the small but neatly cared for gardens. Some of the bushes were being trimmed into ball shapes to maintain the pattern in the garden design.


After walking around the garden and taking in the excellent views we descended from the castle area and into the town below.


A strip of cafés and restaurants beckoned. We chose a crépérie, Four Seasons and each ate a galette for lunch. From there we walked along the street to Leonardo Da Vinci’s house and garden. From our point of view €19 entry was a bit steep so we had a quick look through to the house exterior and the garden from the gate area and moved uphill along a street where troglodytes houses and huts were built into the cliffs. Fascinating!



Next we walked back into the town for a look around. Summer sale signs soon attracted Karen and after trying on a few tops both she and a friendly shop keeper were both happy.


Satisfied with our time in Amboise we made our way back to our car and headed off down the road to Chenonceau.



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