Hidden treasure in Montrichard

As we had such a delicious meal in Montrichard the previous night we decided to go again and Lois and Gary joined us. Once we had parked at the edge of the town we walked along the side of the river. The light was fading but the reflections of the bridge were excellent. Too good an opportunity not to take a photo!


Of course I moved around a bit to get some more photos and nearly got myself run over!


In a window just above us we saw a man looking at us with bemused interest. Gary yelled up to him ‘we’re Australians’ and jumped like a kangaroo. The man called back and told us in French to wait. He disappeared but soon reappeared at the door to the house. He said in French to follow him and he gestured as he walked. So I said to the others let’s follow him and see. He quickly came to a garage and opened the door and motioned for us to come in. It was quite gloomy but when our eyes adjusted to the light we were faced with an amazing sight. It was ……..


a massive model of Montrichard. I quickly explained that I could speak and understand some French but the other 3 didn’t so as he told me about it I translated. His name was Franck. The model was his lifetime hobby. He had been creating his home town as it was in the medieval times for 30 years – thousands of hours. He then showed us one stage at a time how he had set up wiring and lights to show what it would have looked like to a traveller approaching it at night. We posed for a number of photos with him.


He was clearly proud to show off his personal ‘treasure’ and I feel we were able to convey to him just how impressed we were. We said our goodbyes and thanked him and walked into the town. The restaurant we had eaten at the night before was closed but just opposite La Villa restaurant was open and very busy, always a good indicator. The four of chatted as we ate and drank but Franck and his medieval model was certainly discussed at length. Our meals were delicious and lots of local fresh ingredients had been used.



After dinner we took some more photos of the amazing reflections in the Cher river but this time with limited light.


Clearly Montrichard was a small town of many treasures but we had been fortunate to see one of its secret treasures – Franck and his amazing medieval model.




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