Some lesser known treasures of the Loire area.

Our first full day in the Loire and Cher valleys began with a sumptuous breakfast spread. Furthermore Yvonne became our tour organiser and proposed a full day tour to some of the smaller villages and châteaux to ease us into this area gently. We joined forces with one of the other couples, Gary and Lois, staying at Moulin du Mesnil. They were from Twin Waters in Queensland but before they retired had resided in Melbourne.

Our first call was back to Montrichard for quick look in daylight hours. It was a lovely little town to walk around.


Next we drove to Montpoupon for a quick look at the château from the outside. Quite well preserved we thought. Well worth a quick photo stop.


Next we drove on to Montrésor, and a treasure it was! A well signposted riverside walk kept us well informed as we walked. It was a very quiet village and just lovely.



From there we moved on to the biggest town of our mini tour, Loches. We purchased some baguettes, ham and cheese and had a picnic lunch on a bench just inside the old town gate. From there we strolled up to the fortress and around the old town, all very nice. Clearly now September had started there were lots less other tourists to dodge.



On our return to St George sur Cher we sat down for a quiet drink in the gardens at Moulin du Mesnil, a lovely way to revive ourselves before dinner.




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