Let the Loire begin

It had been a long drive from Brittany. We had stopped to briefly view the impressively located, but partially scaffolded, château at Saumur, rising high above the Loire. We had also seen other château along the way as our route followed the river


but now as we approached the small town of St George sur Cher we were being attacked by a furious thunderstorm. The rain was so heavy Karen decided to stop at the road’s edge for safety reasons. After about ten minutes the rain eased and we made our way to the Moulin du Mesnil where we would be staying with our hosts Yvonne and Jeff. I had met them at home when they came into the Tourist Information Centre where I was working in Dromana, hoping to go on a fishing trip during our summer but sadly they were all booked out. They had said when we came to France we should book a room with them so we did. We were really excited to arrive but Yvonne seemed even more excited we had come to stay, if that was possible. We were made most welcome and shown to our lovely room.



As it was late Yvonne booked a restaurant just over the River Cher in the lovely town of Montrichard for us. It was called Restaurant Le Nanteuil. Karen ordered a salad with hot pork and goat cheese. It was beautifully presented and delicious. My dinner was an enormous lamb shank with seasonal vegetables and was just sensational.

(Sadly the photo is taken on my old mobile phone!)


Ice cream on a bed of rhubarb and apple with an exquisitely made wafer finished off the meal beautifully. It was certainly a good recommendation.

On our way back to our car we were able to see some of the older buildings in Montrichard floodlit, quite beautiful and a lovely way to finish a long day.




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