Carnac -stone alignments and the Savage Coast

As we drove onwards Carnac it soon became evident we had nearly reached our destination for there were alignments of stone megaliths everywhere.


It didn’t take long to find our way to Francoise’s place, our home for night. Our room was upstairs with a lovely view of her garden and the chickens and goats.


Once we had settled in we walked back to the megaliths. They were in long lines and there were hundreds of them.


Apparently during the quieter months you can walk in the fields amongst them but in the tourist season you have to stay behind the fence.


The wild flowers and weeds were being attended to by some of the local sheep.


After tiring ourselves out walking around we walked into Carnac itself and were lucky enough to eat at Crépérie De La Pompe. I ate the local mussels served with excellent frites (chips). The bowl was huge. After eating one of the tasty little mussels I used the shell as a set of pincers to eat the rest, probably 150 of them! You certainly couldn’t complain about serving size. Karen had a massive salad. I also had my first drink of the local cider and it was really good. The walk back to our Chambre d’hôtel was needed to walk off the massive dinner we had eaten!

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast and then headed off. We had decided to drive to Quiberon and the Savage Coast before heading to the Loire Valley, our next stopping point. It was certainly a beautiful section of the coast line.





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