Day two in Dinan delights us too.

A second day to explore Dinan awaited us. Through the old town gate we went, camera in hand and refreshed after a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast.


The cobbled street led us right to the old town clock tower and one of the oldest looking framework buildings we’d seen in Dinan.


It was certainly a pretty place and there were lots of well preserved buildings.


The previous day we had walked quickly through the port area so we headed through the old town and down there first to explore a bit more. The still water allowed for some excellent reflections.


We could see the viaduct we had seen the previous day so we headed up in that direction.


We found a stairway leading up to the top so up we went, puffing quite a bit by the time we reached the top. From there we walked along the ramparts, many excellent views of the town being revealed as we went.


Time was moving on so we had to as well but with the feeling that Dinan’s magic would draw us back again some day.



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