St Malo

After two special days on Le Mont St Michel we made our way out of Normandy and west into Brittany. Our dinner companions from the previous night had recommended a look at St Malo so off we drove. At the edge of the town, like in Honfleur previously, tourist vehicles were directed to a car park. We paid then boarded the free navette shuttle to town. After about ten minutes we were there. The fortress along the beach front certainly stood out.


We strolled down the beach and along the promenade area. The shoreline was quite rocky and there was an old fortress on a nearby point


and further out another fortress on an island.


Like many others we took the promenade around the ramparts. It was sunny and a relaxing thing to do.


After a while we came to a main street with many shops and cafes so we followed that for a while. We bought baguettes for lunch and ate them in a garden area. The street eventually lead back to the area where we had started our walk which was full of restaurants serving lunch to tourists


and the usual artists stalls found in these seaside holiday towns.


From there we walked to the bus stop and returned to our car to make our way to Dinan, where we would be staying the night.


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