End of our volunteering in Fiji

Sadly I was still sick on the Monday and hence confined to taking medicine and rehydrating using Gastrolyte but Karen was back in Year 1 for her second class. They talked about Australian animals using calendar pictures as a basis. Then the kids had fun making a koala face using cardboard plates, cotton balls for ears and some colouring in.image
As it turned out our last day of working with the kids at Nawaka school was our 31st wedding anniversary. I was finally feeling a bit better so ate breakfast and off to the minister’s house for the morning. Karen went to the kinder in the morning with several others. Started with some ‘finger plays’ then read the kids a story. The looks on the kids faces were priceless.


Some of them played a game


and then the kids made a chicken from the story.


Teachers and kids all had a good time!

Lunch of mixed sandwiches and a variety of yummy tropical fruit was in the village. In the afternoon I was back with the year 7s and Karen returned to year 6. We talked about their animals and Australian animals using calendar pictures. I used an echidna video on our iPad to good advantage. Certainly had the kids intrigued. John told a story or two and then I taught them a game. To finish the class again sang to us. Their voices were truly beautiful. Karen taught her class Kim’s game and also showed the year 6 students the Australian animal pictures and the echidna video.

After class we did an official handover of books to the school they had purchased with donations from our group.


We had also left some items such as pencils, pens and glue sticks. The afternoon ended with a few speeches and afternoon tea courtesy of their lady staff members.


Our involvement had clearly been appreciated even if we’d only been involved for a short time at the school.


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