Fiji, here we come!

Our trip to Fiji had finally arrived. Now that our son Todd had dropped us off at Tullamarine airport we were excited. After proceeding through security checks and passport control we waited for our flight time at gate 9. Once we had boarded and stored our luggage the staff completed the usual safety demonstration as the plane backed out. Our take off was smooth and not long after the scheduled time. Soon we were flying through the darkness. As the time was now quite late we dozed off quickly.
Bright lights caused us to wake abruptly. According to the stewardess breakfast was being served soon. The temperature was quite warm for an aeroplane so we were pleased to see a selection of refreshing fruit pieces in one of the containers. Omelette, sausage and tomato with a bread roll completed the food tray. Karen was pleased to be offered a cup of tea and I drank orange juice. Soon after the plane began its descent. The pilot delivered us with a very soothing landing. Being in row 20 had the advantage of disembarking among the first passengers but Karen was a bit faint from lack of sleep. After a brief rest on a business class seat we left the plane, made our way through passport control and waited at the baggage carousel for our cases. Once we had them we made our way to the exit. The official local taxi drivers wore uniforms. We discussed price but it was more than we had been told to expect. However at 6:00 in the morning there weren’t a lot of choices so we put our cases in the boot and climbed aboard. The trip to the hotel was pretty straight forward and the driver only overtook once on double white lines! At the hotel we checked in and quickly made our way to our apartment so we could snatch a couple of hours sleep. It wouldn’t be too long a sleep as we would be joining the rest of the group soon.



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