Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens

Quite often called the ‘lungs’ of Melbourne are the many beautiful gardens surrounding the city. Probably the most impressive are the Royal Botanic Gardens but the closest to the city are Flagstaff Gardens, Treasury Gardens, Carlton Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens. Fortunately the weather has been a little bit better this week so we took the opportunity to go to Melbourne and spent some time enjoying the Fitzroy Gardens. Even though it’s winter the Fitzroy Gardens are still a peaceful, beautiful place to go walking.


There’s many sealed pathways between the garden beds, lots of fountains, a couple of cafes, even a miniature Tudor Village and the famous fairy tree.


The best house in Melbourne can also be found here in the midst of this serenity. I believe the caretaker is the fortunate one to call it home.


Another great spot is the Conservatory. In winter it’s a really lovely place to go, not least of all being the fact that it’s the warmest place. The plantings are well set out and you even get classical music as you walk through.


We met another friend at one of the cafes for lunch and then set off to the ever popular Captain Cook’s Cottage, certainly a feature of the Fitzroy Gardens.


Here we hoped to see another friend who volunteers at Captain Cook’s Cottage as a guide.

(More about that in my next post.)


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