Sensational summer sunset memories

Living so close to the beach is a real blessing. Even on cold wintry days it’s still interesting to go for a walk along the beach, whether to watch a passing cargo ship, a lucky sailor out in their yacht or just to watch the calm of the sea or waves being whipped up by the icy wind. Recently we had a great sunset view up the bay to the city of Melbourne. It reminded me of better weather earlier in the year and the sunsets summer provided.


On summer evenings we more often go down to the beach and walk along the Dromana pier, along the foreshore trail or just on the beach itself.


One hot evening back in summer we had a walk along the pier. The water was so calm and the fading light was highlighting the beach boxes back on the shore.


As we walked back the setting sun silhouetted the side of Anthony’s Nose beautifully.


However things became even better as the sun continued to descend. It lined up as if sitting on top of McCrae lighthouse.


From there it moved behind the end of Anthony’s Nose and started to disappear. We had been fortunate to witness another sensational sunset.



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