Mornington Winter Jazz Festival

Winter has arrived on the Mornington Peninsula but there’s still plenty to see and do. During the Queen’s Birthday long weekend Red Hill had its Winter Wine weekend but Mornington’ Winter Jazz Festival attracted our attention. We met up with Karen’s brother and his family so we could take in some of the free performances. A yummy lunch at Leaf and Bean preceded the first act we saw, two young guitarists, Jake Flynn and Liam Clapp playing in the cafe. From there we walked up Main Street. The next act we saw (and heard) was the Navy Band. Quite a crowd had gathered in Main Street to watch and listen. Boy were they good.


Crossing over Barkley Street we came upon our next act, a duo, one a violinist, the other playing guitar. Again they really had our toes tapping.


After a while we started our return walk down Main Street and outside the Grand Hotel a small crowd had gathered.


Soon it became apparent another pop up performance was starting, a very lively band who were helping brighten up what was becoming quite a cold day due to the brisk wind.


After a while however the cold got the better of us and we headed home to warm up. Next year we will certainly get in early and book some tickets for one of the evening performances at one of the pubs or clubs.




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