Mornington Peninsula Bay Trail

Living on the Mornington Peninsula provides us with lots of walking options. The easiest one is along the foreshore on what is known as the Bay Trail. We can walk from Safety Beach all the way through Dromana, McCrae, Rosebud, Tootgarook, Rue, Blairgowrie and down to Sorrento along this trail. If you did it all in one go it would be over 30 kms. As we now live in Dromana we tend to walk parts of the trail anywhere from Safety Beach to Rosebud mostly.


One of the attractions that intrigues visitors is the stop start rows of bathing boxes dotted along the edge of the beach. They have traditionally been used by families as a base during the summer days. You can use them to store chairs, kayaks, boogie boards, buckets and spades, in fact just about anything needed for a day at the beach. Best of all on a really hot day you have instant shade. In Dromana they are even connected to the electricity in many cases so having a fridge or a kettle is possible. They don’t come on the market very often but when they do they are keenly sought after. In Dromana and Rosebud they are purchased for between $80-100 000 but down in Portsea and Sorrento they are five times this amount quite often.

Dromana 4

A lot of the time you can be near the bay but the path is surrounded by bushland – lots of banksia, tea tree, casuarinas, poa grasses and any other native plant that can handle salty conditions provide a peaceful walking environment.

At other times the trail provides excellent views of the bay. So if there’s a passing cargo or cruise ship, a yacht or speedboat, jet-ski or ‘tinnie’ with someone fishing in it you can enjoy the scene.

Even the ever changing weather can make a difference. One day it’s cloudy, the next the sky is a beautiful blue and you need a hat and sunscreen to protect against the sun.

Many of the towns also have a pier which provides a spot for people to walk or you can even do a spot of fishing off the end when the tide is in.


For me I think it just provides a different view of things from a place that isn’t on land even if it links you to it.


Of course there’s always someone else on the trail, whether it be a friendly local or tourist down for a beach holiday. Last summer as we walked along the trail we came to a point where there was a totally different visitor, Sammy the seal. For the last few years he has decided to beach himself for a rest in the sun much to the pleasure of those going by. Local volunteers rope off the area so he is safe and so passers by are too.

Sammy the seal
Sammy the seal

So next time you are in my home town of Dromana or anywhere else on the Mornington Peninsula take a walk along the Bay Trail. It’s a very flat walk so anyone can do it. Even slower moving cyclists use it. Best of all there’s always something interesting to see as you walk and lots of cafes to stop at for a drink when you need a rest. There’s quite a few picnic spots too if you want to bring your own food and refreshments.


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